Modular System Advantages

As a vector of pharmaceutical technology transfer, the modular system offers production units of concentrates formulas for hemodialysis according to the restrictions of local market. Hemo+ production lines are delivered as a total turnkey solution, ready to launch production.

Qualified production units ready to be operational and functional.

HEMO+ provides units of pharmaceutical production designed and manufactures in our plants.
These units are acknowledged on our premises according to the client specification needs and are sent to the operation site where our teams insure the installation and the final implementation.
A qualified training, an individual operational support and the site maintenance are carried out by HEMO+ during two years.
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Technology transfer: a standalone production system

The modular system flexibility eases technology transfer towards countries which need to integrate and master from the beginning to the end the entire production process. While trade issues can be underlined (lack of supply, formulas of solutes poorly adapted to local specificities …), concentrated formulas supply are managed with autonomy on the target market.
To finish, Hemo+ ‘s modular production lines can fit each evolution or activity changes (rising production, integration of a new manufacturing process) .
It is actually easy to add or to move a module in term of the requested configuration of production.

Standardized techniques = reliability

The recommended modules meet the strict standards of production and security which are required in the pharmaceutical industry. In order to insure a high level of reliability, the process of manufacturing and validation are done under similar conditions to the final configuration of the production site.
Everything is fully handled in our European plants.