The Hemo+ line

The Hemo+ production line is a turnkey structure for manufacturing and packaging of concentrated for hemodialysis.
Made of three modular units it associates flexibility and reliability for the finished goods on your market.

HEMO+ line description

Unit 1:

Equipped with entrances using airlocks, the first unit allows the stocking of raw materials as well as weighting operation area. It also has a laundry.

Unit 2: Processing

Equipped with an air treatment system which sticks to international quality rules, this unit welcomes processing tanks of concentrated products.

Unit 3: Packaging

The last unit welcomes the packaging lines-filling machines for individual bags or water bottles for hemodialysis processing and associated conditions.
That kind of modular packaging and processing units can get an additional quality control unit.


• PROCESSING : 2 million liters/year.
• Raw material stocking : 100 tones, for a yearly supply capacity of 250 to 400 tones
• Finished goods stocking time : up to 4 weeks